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My name is Radhika (aka Rads)! I believe in healthy movement, optimizing posture, and empowering my patients and clients to feel strong and understand their bodies. With trust and compassion, I build custom programs to help them achieve their goals...



Physical Therapy


Low Pressure Fitness / Hypopressives


I was initially focused on bringing pilates into my weekly training routine when my wife introduced me to Radhika.  I’ve since learned she is much more than a terrific pilates instructor.  In 3 years I have never had the same session twice- each experience seamlessly integrates my goals with where my body is that day. Over time, Radhika has used a unique blend of pilates, PT and LPF to give me what always feels like the perfect customized workout. Radhika has also helped me to quickly bounce back from injuries and with greater strength.  She has taught me so much, including to be a better runner and to have more effective workouts in other parts of my routine. Simply put, Radhika is brilliant, tremendously knowledgeable and extremely passionate about (and good at) what she does. New clients will be lucky to discover her!  -  Les G

When I first went to see Radhika, I was having severe pain in my hamstring and gluteal muscle and was told by a top surgeon at Hss that the only possible solution was to do a controlled break of my femur and reposition it in my hip socket - a one year recovery with no guaranteed success.


Feeling hopeless I figured I would give Pilates a try, but couldn't make it stick. Then I met Radhika. Radhika worked on my body and my mindset. She has a very sophisticated and holistic understanding of pain and the impact that labels have on our recovery. To clarify - Pilates with Radhika is not new age crazy - it is work.  


In the past few years I have taken up ballroom dance.  I am 62, pigeon toed and have one hip turned in and I am competing.  Radhika has been able to reshape my bad habits over time and I would venture to guess that I am even taller.  It’s about doing things with the proper form and from my perspective, keeping my body strong for the course.  At 62 my body has of course changed over time, but I have never had better posture or been stronger than I am now.  Thank you Radhika!  - Kim M

Radhika is the best physical therapist and Pilates instructor I have ever worked with. She has patiently helped me change the way I use my body, alleviating chronic pain that I have had for years. I have grown much stronger through my work with her.

- Katherine H


I had back surgery 20+ years ago and I've never met anyone who has helped me feel more empowered in my own body - both physically and mentally. Radhika is overflowing with creative ways to move and tailors each session to how my body is feeling that day. I used to think there was very little I could do about my body's limitations, but after working with Radhika for a little over a year, I'm in a much better place than I thought possible. She taught me how to strengthen the weaker parts of my body that were most affected by the surgery. I'm so grateful to Radhika for recognizing this, especially considering I didn't have the knowledge or the words to clearly communicate my issues to her. 

- Laura R

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